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Semelex II
Brake Performance Tester or Stop Time Meter

The Semelex II Safetimeter Checks Stop Time, Safety Distance and More...

Stop time (Ts) is the time interval from the initiation of the stop signal to the complete stop of the press. Stop time can change as a result of wear, speed, machine use, solenoid valve response, die weight, and other factors. State and Federal guidelines require periodic checking of stop time.

Safety Distance (Ds) is the distance between the location of two-hand control or personnel safety devices and the pinch point closest to the operator. OSHA regulation 1910.217(c)(3)(iii)(e) expresses Safety Distance using the following formula:

Ds = Ts x 63 inches/sec

When selected, the Semelex II Safetimeter will display the minimum safety distance per the OSHA formula.


Counterbalance can be easily checked by measuring the down- and up-stroke stop time. When these two times are the same, counter-balance is properly set.

Personnel Safety Devices like light curtains or safety mats can be tested using the Auto-Hand and Auto-Flag to verify reaction time per the OSHA formula. The overall response time of the safety device, press control E-Stop circuit, and the clutch brake mechanism are checked when the Auto-Hand or Auto-Flag accessories are used.


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