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Semelex II
Brake Performance Tester or Stop Time Meter


Stop Time (Ts) 9.999 seconds, max
Safety Distance (Ds) 999.9 inches, max
Press Stroke 49 inches, max
Between Charges
3-5 days typical on/off
Charge Time
8 hours
Accuracy + / - 1% of reading
Power Supply
  • 115 VAC 50 / 60 Hz Supply / Charger 
  • 6 VDC Rechargeable Battery 
  • Manual Start Pushbuttons 
  • Remote Tachometer with Magnetic Base 
 Specifications may change without notice.
A complete Series 1999 Semelex II Safetimeter Test Set includes: Meter, Position/Velocity Transducer with Cable Extension Set, Auto-Hand with Auto-Flag, Legs, Plunger Extension and Operations Manual



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