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 Package 3122

Package 3122 updates the controls on air clutch press brakes to meet current OSHA standards for control reliability and component monitoring. It also incorporates the two hand/foot method of guarding the point of operation. The control also incorporates brake monitoring.

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Package 3122 Control Panel with Components 
Model 3400SS-3122 Control System  - NEMA 12 enclosure 

Includes the following components: 

• Control reliable design 

• Diverse redundant design concept 

• Quickview diagnostic message display 

• Interrupted stroke provision 

• System logic and component diagnostics 

• Redundant captive contact safety relays 

• Control incorporates cross-checking, self checking, and diverse redundancy 

• Control transformer (reduces voltage from 480/260 to 120VAC) 

• Power interlock 

• NEMA 12 enclosure 

• Brake monitor top stop indicator 

• Ground fault indicator 

• Keyed selector switch for two-hand/foot method of guarding and machine control (optional) 

• System on illuminated indicator light 

• System start guarded push button 

• System stop unguarded push button 

• Keyed selector switch for Select-O-Stop Function on/off 

• Control design writing 

No. UL-102 UltraTouch Modules (two) 

No. 300 Calibrated Switch Actuator (Activates Select-O-Stop) 

No. 301 Limit Switches (four) 

No. 302 Guarded Foot Switch 

No. 303A Dual Solenoid Valve with Muffler 

No. 306 Heavy Duty Pressure Switch 

No. 311 Filter, Regulator, Lubricator 


Available Options

• Model 8500 Pedestal Mount for operator run buttons  

• Auto-Return Function (requires additional limit switch)  

• No. 301 Limit Switch with Actuator  

• Magnetic Motor Starters and Main Power Disconnects
• Rotary Cams listed under Press Control Components
• 54-003 - Model BM‑1600 Time Based Brake Monitor mounted in control panel (with encoder) 

• NEMA switch gear (key switches, push buttons, indicators etc.) to replace the standard IEC switch gear on the control panel 

• 5 Digit resettable LCD counter (battery powered) 2.8” x 1.5” (Part Number 39-026) 

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