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Press Brake Controls

Please choose an option that is right for your application:

  Mechanical Press Brake Control with
Automatic Slow Forming

  Package 2100
(Incorporates single stroke function with Select-O-Stop and ram control functions)


Mechanical Press Brake Guarding

  Package 1
Retains Mechanical Pedal to Slow Form Parts and to Retain Operator Feel for Forming
(Allows an operator to engage and disengage the mechanical friction clutch on a mechanical press brake with the existing mechanical pedal)
  Package 2101
Two-Hand/Foot Method of Guarding and Machine Control
(Converting mechanical press brakes currently being actuated by a mechanical treadle) 



  Mechanical Press Brake Control
when used as a Punch Press

  Package 2110
(Allows the press brake to be operated as a partial revolution punch press) 



 Air Clutch Press Brake Controls

   Package 2120
Updates Controls to Obtain Control Reliability
(Designed for the air clutch press brake that requires the controls to be updated to meet current control reliability standards) 
  Package 3122 
Updates Controls to Obtain Control Reliability forTwo-Hand/Foot Method of Guarding and Machine Control
(Updates controls to obtain control reliability two hand/foot method of guarding and machine control) 
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