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SuperLight VI

Punch Presses


Punch Presses
The SuperLight VI is designed to accept coil stock movement with no press shutdowns or adjustments to light guard. No adjustments necessary to light guard for die height changes or changes from automatic to hand fed secondary operations.

Robotic and Automation Guarding

Robotic and Automation Multi-Sided Guarding Systems
Easily installed cornering mirrors combined with the easy alignment characteristics of the SuperLight VI provide multi-sided protection which allows complete visibility and access to the protected pinch point or hazardous zone for a fraction of the cost of physical barriers.

Press Brakes

Press Brakes
The Triad FLOATING BLANK light curtain provides the flexibility necessary to effectively guard all types of power press brakes. The FLOATING BLANK permits work pieces to be formed vertically or horizontally through the guarded area without shutting down the machine. Entry into the protected area by the operator or passerby will prevent the start, or if the machine is in motion will provide a signal to stop the machine.

While other safety devices must be altered to allow materials to feed through, the FLOATING BLANK is controlled by a keyed selector switch that will allow a work opening of up to 8 cm based on 2 cm increments.

Blanking adjustments required when die heights change are not necessary. The FLOATING BLANK light curtain automatically adjusts to the various feed positions providing protection with production. The FLOATING BLANK light curtain adapts to mechanical, air clutch, and hydraulic press brakes. 

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