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 SuperLight VI
Quickview Diagnostics Display

  Standard on all Triad safety light curtains is the revolutionary front panel diagnostic display. The bright red alphanumeric LED display shows the status of the safety light curtain along with various integral fault codes relating to the maintenance and operation of the system.  

The diagnostic display monitors microprocessors, captive contact safety relays, bad grounds, external infrared sources, shorts, blanking, etc. Fault conditions are easily read and displayed on the top front panel of the receiver pylon. These easy to read external diagnostic codes and status displays will enhance safety and machine utilization by minimizing machine downtime and set-up time measurably 

The advanced design of the SuperLight VI diagnostics will also count and display the number of beams blanked out in the "Auto-Blank" mode. This is an important feature when computing the depth penetration factor required for proper installation. 

A detailed definition, status, reason(s), and cure listing is provided within the installation and operation manual of each Triad safety light curtain. 


Diagnostics Display


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