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SuperLight VI
Features and Capabilities


·         Cost competitive  

·         Very easy to align and install  

·         3-Year warranty (industry leader)  

·         Heavy duty aluminum welded 14 gauge enclosure  

·         Dust and oil tight  

·         3/4" infrared light beam spacing  

·         External status and diagnostic display on all light curtains  

·         Compact design  

·         Single/multiple floating beam blanking  

·         Single/multiple fixed beam blanking  

·         Auto-Blanking feature option  

·         PSDI-Presence Sensing Device Initiation capability option  

·         Alignment indicator light  

·         Shock mounts supplied standard  

·         Easy access for wiring  

·         Dual self-checking captive contact safety relays  

·         Fast reacting-Less than 30 ms all sizes  

·         Light curtain controller box not required  

·         Light curtain interconnections not required between pylons or a third box or controller

·         Non-mated units, matched sets are not required  

·         2-, 3-, 4- or 5-sided protection available with mirrors  

·         Extended scanning ranges available (75' maximum)  

·         Dual independent channel micro-processor design  

·         Self-checking circuitry  

·         Nine standard sizes (12" to 72" lengths)  

·         Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and RIA standards  

·         Not affected by ambient light  

·         High immunity to EMI and RFI noise sources  

·         High immunity to strobe type and weld flash generated light sources  

·         Interfaces easily with all types of machine controllers and PLCs  

·         Made in the U.S.A  


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