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SuperLight VI


AO -Auxiliary Output Contact: Provides an isolated (dry) contact output to be used as a signal line. Specify N.O. or N.C. output.

CI - Cincinnati Interface/Forced Interrupt: Allows an external device (i.e., Cincinnati Press or PLC) to initiate a red condition on the light curtain. This option is required on machines that feed a 24VDC signal back to the safety light curtain to assure that the safety control circuit can be shut down.

ER - External Relay Check--monitors the control relays of the guarded machine to assure that the machine control relays change state when the safety light curtain sends a stop signal.

LR - Resettable Latching Relays--requires the light curtain to be manually reset every time the light curtain is penetrated. Useful option when the safety light curtain is used for perimeter zone guarding.

DC - 24VDC Power--Required when light curtain is powered by 24VDC instead of 120VAC.

LGB - Light Guard Bypass--On/off key switch with indicator bulb used to bypass the output relays in the light curtain.

Stainless Steel and Explosion-Proof Enclosures

L-Shaped Enclosures


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