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SuperLight VI

Power Requirements: 120VAC +/- 10% @ 50-60 Hz with fuse protection (24VDC units optional)  


Power Consumption: 24 watts total 


Infrared Light Source: Solid state light emitting diodes 


Beam Spacing: 3/4"(19mm); 1-1/2" (38mm) for Models TR-48 through TR-72 


Response Time: Less than 30 milliseconds (All sizes) 


Relay Contact Ratings: 8 AMP rating @ 220VAC; 16 AMP rating @ 120VAC 


Relay Configuration: Dual captive contact self-checking safety relays. 


Minimum Object Sensitivity: 1-1/4" (32mm); 2" (51mm) for Models TR-48 through TR-72 


External Alphanumeric Diagnostic and Status Display 


Temperature Range: 32 degrees to 120 degrees F 


Scanning Frequency: 3.6 Khz 


Shock: Tested to withstand high vibration applications. 


Self-checking every 20 milliseconds. 


Indicators: Red obstruction light on receiver. Green non-obstruction light on receiver. Red alignment indicator light on emitter. 


Construction: Heavy duty aluminum enclosure (all welded). 14 Gauge - Dust and oil tight. NEMA 12 


Scanning Distance: All units are supplied standard with a 20' (6.1m) scanning capability. Extended range units are available, consult your representative or the factory. Scanning distances must be specified — 75' (23m) maximum. 


Specials: Custom designed light curtains for special applications. Examples: L-shaped, stainless steel. Consult factory. 


CSA Approved, UL Pending 


Three-Year Warranty 

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