Installation Manuals

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SuperLightVI Safety Light Curtain | Installation Manual
The Super Light VI system is a dual redundant digital infrared point of operation guarding device which will provide a signal to stop the machine when there is entry into the guarded area. The system uses invisible infrared light to detect obstructions protruding through the guarded area. Made in USA.

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Press Brake Control Model 3400 | Installation Manual
The Press Brake Control Model 3400 is used to control Part Revolution Air Clutch Press Brakes. A dual microprocessor logic system is incorporated into the control logic which meets ANSI B11.1-2009. Made in USA.

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Cascading safety light curtains provide the user the ability to connect additional sets of light curtains by daisy chaining multiple emitters and receivers together. The cascading of safety light curtains provides multiple areas of guarding in any plane (X, Y, Z), while utilizing the control reliable dual safety outputs (PNP) from the Category 4 safety device for the safety outputs to the machine control. The ability to guard multiple areas on irregular shaped machines by cascading safety light curtains reduces wiring and provides a lower cost yet effective machine guarding solution. 24VDC input powered unit. Mounting brackets and connecting cables are supplied standard. Type 4 / Category 4. Made in USA.

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SuperLight 4 Sided Guarding with Dual Stud Guard Brackets, TRM Mirrors and Model 8000 Pedestalsl
4 Sided Guarding Model. Made in USA.

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